Sunday, April 15, 2012

My visit with Miriam E. Berry Psychic Medium

On Saturday the 14th my niece Sarah and I went to see Miriam Berry Psychic Medium.  She came well recommended from several people I know.  My experience has left me thinking nonstop and wondering.  Feel free to share your thoughts opinions and if you are interested in seeing her I put her information at the bottom of this page.

She picked up on love problems right away.  She did see money coming in.  She said there was a Leo the Lion fire sign near me.  She said although I am an earthling I am not near my home. (Interesting because I have always had the feeling I want to go home and am never there.)  The money I will come into will be divide between my kids and my self.  I will help my kids the best I can.  She saw water but not a flood. She said I am a little psychic myself.

I should get throat problem checked out.

She spoke with a spirit who said I was bad as a child and needed many spankings but I am behaving now and he wishes me well.  I have been connecting with a man who passed who is related to the Mom who raised me.  (I felt my Father's presence strongly here and even got teary)

I should see the dentist.

Money - Legal things - related to my Mother.

Chesapeke Bay

Earth Sign is With Me

Feast Coming together, People helping set the table.  If the wine is bad throw it out.

In a past life I lived in Europe near Cathedral of St.  Michael.  It was a nice scenic area.

A Man named Michael used to dance with me. Said I had pretty legs

She said a man on this earth thinks I am cute.  He is a man with money who likes to lecture me.

She said I was born to be saved and I was saved when I got out of my family. (Maybe when I was adopted because I know it was a tumultuous time for my B-Mom)

She said I will travel next year.

She insisted I was born in NY State.  Which is not what I know to be true.

I should be careful of theft.

Somebody is planning on moving away from me in Autumn.  Sneaking away.

I will travel next year and I need to go South.

Megan (south Jersey is South)

She mentioned new friends (Leigh) ( I wonder if this may be Dana too? (4/29))

She said I will move to a house with bigger rooms.

Clothing Factory

She said "Spiderman" wants to tear the house apart looking for valuables. (Ahren has been collecting spider)

She said she saw me working and mentioned my boss my name. 

Government will hand me money to go to Europe

Happier days are coming.

I will see Florida.

Someone I know will be going to Alaska but only get part of the way there and come back in a few weeks.

She saw me in a past life in Indonesia.  I called the men wild.  They did not hurt me this was during the 1600s.  I used to wear my hair in combs and the combs gave me strength.

She knew I have a mild seafood allergy.

There will be a misunderstanding over money and I should save my receipts.

I should not do any heavy lifting.


Sex Story (Made me remember an old lover SF)

She saw someone handing me a celebratory cake.

A woman wearing blue slacks. Problems with the leg. Will take a fall.  Is in poor health (immediately thought of my Mom)

A crabby Gemini woman in my life.

She said do not close the door to the closet.

I have a sister with mischievous children.

I work with the public, managing money, paying the bills (book keeping is one of my duties at work)

I want my husband to leave. (not really I just want him to participate more with our family and get out of his rut)

Taurus (Jon is Taurus)

I will go to NY for a day or two

I should wear my hair up


With then travel to Northern States with friends.

Not allowed to leave the state.

Libra ( Carolyn)

Leg or foot pain

Irish people around me are dishonest.  There is a carpet to be washed but it cannot be washed.  Will have to throw it out.

I will visit a really big lake in Northern PA.

My husband may be sick

I have a better husband to come.  He will take care of me.  He will be a blessing to me.  He will be better looking.  She emphasized the good looking.

The last thing she said it that Jon will die in a driving accident. (Yes, I told Jon because when I came home I told him to please be very careful driving.  Then he asked what she said.  I told him everything except for the new husband part, I did not want to hurt him. I am hoping knowledge is power and the warning will keep him safe so if what she sees is true it can be prevented). *In discussing this with one friend she had a good point it may not be a literal death it could be a figurative one where Jon wakes from his rut and our marriage is renewed where he is my next husband.  I love my husband's face I think it is so handsome so if he takes better care of himself after a wake up call I can really see this to be true.

To some reading this it may seem like a crazy mishmash.  Some things were more coherent and made sense right away.  Other things I just wrote down because in past experience with psychics I may not have understood at the time but later on things made sense.

If you are interested I saw:
 Miriam E. Berry
88 E. Broad Street
Bethlehem, PA 18108
$35 for a half hour session.

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  1. I was interested in going to see a psychic medium. Do you know if she is still in business?